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Welcome to our green screen sports photography page

Click on the buttons below to check out the designs we have available for your association / League.  We offer stadium style designs and tradition group designs. Clciking on the buttons below will bring you to a new page. Scroll down on that new page to see the designs.

Why Green Screen?

First of all What is Green Screen? Green screen is a method in which we photograph every athlete seperately and 1) Combine them into individual graphics and 2) team composites. There are a host of reasons for the why. One of the top reasons is that you enjoy the unlimited options that are available for the individual graphics and team composites. Other reasons can include the logistics of taking the photo. Logistics as far as not wanting to rescheadule for rain and other weather related issues. The athletes get photographed and they are on their way. No need to wait around for the team photo. Somebody running late? No worries - normally they would be left out of the team photo, not so with team composites.

Skaneateles Youth Hockey Association 2023 2024

The groups for SYHA that are displayed in this gallery were designed with a traditional look. If you want your green screen groups to look like a traditionally posed sports group and you do not want the group to be cut / cropped at the knees - then the traditional group design is for your league / association or group. Traditional designed groups are more difficult to design then the cropped stadium style designs - not every photographer is able to create this look

Clay Panthers Pop Warner Football 2023

The clay panthers green screen was designed with the actual background / field. We used a stadium style posed group for these group shots - stadium style is more conducive to designing larger groups. 

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