2020 Graduation Yard Signs

With your image and school colors we'll design a way to recognize your high school senior. Here are a couple of our initial designs for an 18x24 yard sign. Go to https://www.sportsandschoolphotography.com/product-page/18x24-high-school-senior-graduation-yard-sign?fbclid=IwAR0uCYFmwCSMLOSF8_8zH0s0cbmHKUM9NUMc9bGNFQigihHeYbcbdIGYvRs

to place an order. More to come this week - we'll have a design that will work with sports photos extremely well. Also there will be designs to recolonize Nurses, Firefighters and Police Officers. Call is you have any questions 315-730-1115.

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