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Marina and Troy Weedsport Wedding Story

Their Wedding Slide Show Story

Below is one of my favorite images from the wedding taken in the backyard of the parents

property where the wedding took place. The first set of photos show the two photos that were taken to create the final image below. You can see that we had a studio light to give some nice portrait lighting on the couple, but we also had to take a photo without the light in the picture. We took those two photos and brushed them together to create the final version. Other enhancements were also added to bring out the color in the field and the texture of the clouds. These type of photos really don't take us any time with myself taking the photos and my assistant moving the studio light in and out of the frame.

One of the final shots of the night - having my assistant prep for this photo about ten minutes before it happened. We set two lights up on tall stands beyond each corner of the tent. Defined the tent, side lighted the couple and lit up the foreground. I love creating images like this that tell a story by themselves.

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