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Marketing, Web Site Development and your Google Profile for CNY Businesses

I've noticed that many local business people don't have a good placement when it comes to searching for a services on the web. Recently I took over the marketing, web development and google profile for Cayuga Lake Sprayfoam - www.cayugalakesprayfoam. When I started out the business was not showing up in search results and now its starting to place in the top three of google maps / search. Probably more important than a web site is your google maps profile, that is what is going to show before your web site. I've also noticed that in the category of spray foam contractors that most of the photography is very poor - usually cell phone images. Once someone gets to your google profile online, then they are most likely to click on your web site button. Immediately they must be presented with an outstanding images that shows the quality of craftsmanship. I've been maintaining the blog for Cayuga Lake Sprayfoam another important aspect that helps tremendously for Search Engine Optimization. A lot of times businesses are presented with marketing through online service web site - not going to mention them - but they do add up in fees! Most everyone is searching for a service through google - why pay someone else when you can get that traffic on your own. Here are some images that have been done on various spray foam jobs.

This project that I photographed was a new garage construction in Montezuma NY

Here is photos of a commercial building basement with before and after photo of the spray foam application

I am confident that I can help the following types of businesses - Contruction, Plumbing, Electrical Contractors and Cabinet makers to name a few.

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