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Video Conferencing

Video conferencing is new to our site. You may have photo ideas but are unable to do anything because of the whole social distancing thing. At least now you are able to get your questions answered, and there is nothing like a face to face meeting as opposed to texting.

Thinking about planning a wedding, let us help you with any regards in relation to photography. We have been photographing wedding close to 30 years, so there isn't anything that we haven't done or photographed. Tell us about your wedding, where it is taking place? how many in the wedding party? I would be glad to help establish your wedding day guideline letting you know the ideal time allowed for your photography service.

Right now is actually a great time for restorations. Do you have that old photo the is ruined do to cracks, tears, mold, water damage and etc - video conferencing is a great way to show us what image(s) you may have that you would like restored. Currently with this stay at home policy in place we are offering a 30% discount on photo restorations. Show us what you have via video - so we can get an idea on the level of restoration required. At that point we will figure out a drop off point.

Eventually businesses will be back open. So this is also a great time to talk about what you may like in an upcoming session. When was the last time you had a family portrait or had the kids photographed at a special location by themselves. I would be glad to talk about a very special photo session.

You can book a one on one video conference consultation at

please call at 315-730-1115 before booking.

My business is running on limited business hours due to the covid 19 and having to close to go to a job now (stocking shelves at Auburn Walmart). Generally I am at the business in the mornings from 10am till 12pm, We are reserving the weekends for a few sessions. The number above you can also text me - and for the most part that works awesome to communicate with our studio. Thanks and everyone take care.

Tom Hannig


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